Enable Telnet on macOS Catalina for EVE-NG

*Updated for macOS Catalina Nov 2019 Since Apple has removed the telnet and ftp programs from their latest operating system, you may find yourself unable to use EVE-NG’s clickable interface to start up sessions to your routers that rely on telnet, and may be receiving the error below; [Command not found: telnet] Could not create

Cisco IOS Packet Capture

Previously I posted about how to do a packet capture on a Cisco ASR1000 platform, here I show you how to do a Cisco IOS Packet Capture which is possible on IOS based router’s for example a Cisco ISR 1921. First we need to specify the traffic we are interested in seeing in an ACL;

Run Checkpoint R80.10 in EVE-NG

When you attempt to run the new Checkpoint R80.10 image in EVE-NG you may get the error – Cant find the network Interface – as shown below, The reason for this error is likely because you have a DHCP server running on the same subnet which has assigned the IP address. In order to fix

Change the timezone in Cisco ACS 5.x

If you have mistakingly configured the wrong timezone in Cisco ACS during the build, and are concerned about changing the timezone in a production environment – you should be! I attempted this on ACS 5.8, only to spend a few hours restoring the server. My second attempt however, after conversing with TAC, went a lot

Cisco ASR1000 Packet Capture

Running packet capture on a router is, in my opinion, one of the best features Cisco provide. Most Cisco router platforms have the facility to run a packet capture on the box and here I demonstrate how to carry one out on any ASR1k platform such as the ASR1001, ASR1002, ASR1002x etc. First, we should

How to crack Cisco Type 5 (MD5) Passwords

Whilst Cisco’s type 7 passwords are incredibly easy to decrypt (PacketLife Tools is my goto), Type 5 passwords are currently not reversible… that does not however mean they are not susceptible to brute force attacks. Whilst its reasonably impractical to brute force a router’s login due to the amount of time it would take for