Enable Telnet on macOS Catalina for EVE-NG

Note: Big Sur – this method no longer works – instead, head over to the eve-ng download page (link) scroll to the bottom and download the ‘Apple OSX Client Side’ package – it bundles in iTerm and works great!

Since Apple has removed the telnet and ftp programs from their latest operating system, you may find yourself unable to use EVE-NG’s clickable interface to start up sessions to your routers that rely on telnet, and may be receiving the error below;

[Command not found: telnet]
Could not create a new process and open a pseudo-tty.

Even if you follow some other guides online which suggest using homebrew or copying the files to /usr/local/bin, you’ll find this doesn’t resolve the problem of accessing telnet:// style links which EVE-NG rely’s upon.

So, to fix this; first we need to disable SIP (System Integrity Protection);

1. Reboot your Mac and hold the CMD + R keys
2. When presented with the recovery options, (you might need to enter your password first if you use FileVault encryption) click Utilities at the top and choose Terminal
3. Type; csrutil disable
4. Reboot as normal

Next we need to put the files back to where they were pre-High Sierra

5. Once back onto your desktop, download the telnet and ftp files -from here-
and extract them to your downloads folder.
6. Next, open a terminal and type;

sudo cp ~/Downloads/mac-telnet-ftp/telnet /usr/bin/telnet
sudo cp ~/Downloads/mac-telnet-ftp/ftp /usr/bin/ftp

sudo mount -uw /
killall Finder
sudo cp ~/Downloads/mac-telnet-ftp/telnet /usr/bin/telnet
sudo cp ~/Downloads/mac-telnet-ftp/ftp /usr/bin/ftp

7. Ensure these are executable, type;
sudo chmod +xr /usr/bin/telnet
sudo chmod +xr /usr/bin/ftp

Next we need to reboot and re-enable SIP (System Integrity Protection);

8. Again, Reboot your Mac and hold the CMD + R keys
9. When presented with the recovery options, click Utilities at the top and choose Terminal
10. Type; csrutil enable
11. Reboot as normal

Et Voila! EVE-NG should be back and working as normal, and your command line tools have been restored.


Thanks and good luck with your study/labs.


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